This show, “Aoi Honoo” (Blue Blazes), though. lol. 

I love this show I have never seen nor heard of. I’ve watched every episode. In my heart.

Dark Souls 2 is weird in that to me it seems that if the player is passive in their enjoyment of the game, it's plenty fun. It controls well, there are a plethora of unique weapons, and challenges are fun to overcome. But when actively dissecting what's presented, the poorly sewn seams are apparent everywhere. Pat regularly ruins Woolie's fun by pointing them out. Am I on the right track?
akuulgaiAsked by akuulgai

Not really. The opposite of that, actually. It’s a game that wants you to analyze and dissect it. It’s just that normally, in the Miyazaki games, they actually hold up for the most part, minus a few errors in logic. Dark Souls 2, being from different development heads that don’t really give a rat’s ass about such things, is enough of a mess with its own internal logic that while it’s trying to pretend it’s the same kind of game, the more you search for answers, the more disappointing it gets. The “just enjoy it” argument a lot of video game enthusiasts enjoy employing to defend silly bullshit in other games doesn’t work for Souls games since they’re supposedly games that are designed to be broken down by the player. I enjoy watching Woolie’s fun crumble into irritation. It’s validation in its purest form.



Yours truly as Hood Link, the Hero of Trill. My first Otakon and first cosplay…and it was EPIC.

New zelda game looks hellah epic!

I really want to see an entire realized Zelda universe like this. Mostly, I want to see Suge Ganon holding Vanilla Shiek out a window.

What does your family think about you earning 4 thousand dollars a month of your "computer thing"?
b0bsan89Asked by b0bsan89

My parents remarked with “Hm,” and upon mentioning it was nearing 4,000, my mother scoffed. Then we stroked our beards. All of us.


Hello everyone! I have finally joined every other webcartoonist and set up a Patreon campaign in hopes of increasing my comics output. If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a way to help support the people who make things you enjoy by pledging a small monthly amount (check out the in-depth FAQ here).

If you enjoy my work, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron so that I’ll be able to keep making more of it. Thank you!

Ah, yes! Let the shilling begin!

Who is Katia? You seem to post drawrings of her quite often, but I have no idea who she is or where she's from. I'm guessing she's a Khajiit based on the Elder Scrolls tags, but is she a major NPC or an original character?
xenodileAsked by xenodile


In my spare time I like to draw (when I’m not drawing). I guess since it’s an existing character, I know if I make her, people will enjoy it.

Have you eve seen The Plague Dogs? It's on Youtube and as far as tone goes it makes 'I have no mouth and Yet I must Scream' seem like the teletubbies.
beyondphereAsked by beyondphere

One of my favorite animated movies. I think I’ve mentioned it before. A shame his editors ruined the book’s horrifying ending. Even the ending of the film, the whole point is kind of damaged by showing the dim outline of the island.

Yet another series of Katia drawthread things. Most based on her newfound understanding of telekinesis.


'Seeking Aether' (experimental garment collection): InAisce FW 13/14 Men's Collection featuring South Sudanese refugee and former child soldier turned actor and model Ger Duany  - video link

Ger Duany, you are amazing, sir. #7 is some kind of amazing villain waiting to be born.

How do you make banana ice cream?

Heat milk with cream, vanilla, put it in a motorized cylinder set in a bucket filled with ice and ice salt, add mashed bananas halfway through. Ice equalizes the heat of the milk causing it to ice faster. Hence, iced cream. Works best on very hot days because it creates a higher temperature variation. Also peach ice cream is good, but sometimes you get peaches that aren’t juicy enough to create enough flavor in the final result.

hey plague another question what do think about the zoe quinn stuff whats spreading like wild fire
callum98elsonAsked by callum98elson

I don’t really care about it. It’s nice that some people have been translating it into something that will benefit other people, though. Also, Vivian is cute.

Plague, will you answer any question not related to Dark Souls 2?
amoryquinniscoolAsked by amoryquinniscool

No one seems to ask any. I made banana ice cream today. There, an answer to a question no one dares ask. Also the question “What’s wrong with your ass?” is spoken too often in here.