Eli, why don't you make a Patreon account? Is it too much of a hassle for you, or do you just not like the idea of asking people (who want to give you their money) for money?
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Well, one or more of those things. But all the same, I’m currently making a Patreon release cartoon. So I’ll probably have one in a month or two. I’m trying to make it entertaining, so even if people don’t care or would rather watch me die slowly and horribly, hey, a funny cartoon!


Yeah the new website is cool, but why are we failing to mention the new Face/off shirt?

Best Friends Face Off PRE-ORDER TILL AUG 6

Yeah what handsome guy drew that?

More Prequel Adventures in /co/ threads. Wasn’t asked this time. But you’ll take it and you’ll LIKE it. I just decided to start drawing because I went to the dentist and really did not feel like working today after being told to cut down on stress grinding. But like you care. Enjoy your smut. Monster.

Then she dies horribly under tons of firey metal. But then… then Shinji… finds the body. “You should always keep your promises, Misato.” *engages his latex suit* “Always.”


Gets pokemon types and weaknesses wrong: god you guys know nothing about pokemon jesus christ

Uses a guide sent to them by a fan: Stop using a guide you cheap fucks

Constantly heals in a playthrough with perma-death: You’re not taking any risks so this is super boring

Polls for an additional rule: *picks no running from fights* Why are your pokemon so over-levelled

Decides to end the playthrough with a livestream: Urgh it’s going to take another 4 hours of this RPG it’s not ending RIGHT NOW

True. People seriously need to chill.

-Madame ‘Batsu

It’s not like Pokemon is a difficult game. It’s actually harder to try to lose than it is to win. Nuzlockes try to remove all the hand holding and turn what is essentially a game made for babies into a rather ordinary challenge, but when your combat boils down to “pick a water monster if it’s a fire monster, if you feel like it” and just grinding beyond enemy levels, after the first few hours even a Nuzlocke will be next to impossible to lose. You basically have to consciously throw matches away to make it interesting.

Hey Plague, asking for some writing advice. You said how much you hate dragons because they're so overused and unoriginal. However do you believe there's merit to be had in taking well established mythical beasts/settings as a starting point, and then rewriting many aspects of the race, their culture, etc in order to subvert expectations? For example -- a story about Hell where demons have advanced to levels of modern tech and humans aren't aware of this, simply because the bible is really old.
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No, because everyone does that too. Here, look. Let’s raise up Strawman McStrawmanson for a moment and have a talk with him:

Okay Strawman, stop trying to reuse the same old bullshit everyone keeps reimagining and come up with something new. I don’t care that Orks in X’s universe are actually hyper intelligent robots, or that Elves in Y’s universe are vampires from space or Z’s universe has dragons that are all spirit forms that form a giant ghost tree or whatever. Show me something new, not a reskin of an original idea someone had a thousand years ago. The fact that you’re facing the need to alter their origins or background demonstrates just how tired they really are. It’s like Hollywood movies. Stop reskinning old concepts and doing remakes. It’s hard. I know. And there’s no such thing as 100% originality. But try, Strawman. Try.

"B-b-but literary reinterpretation is the core of - " NO. STOP. Stop, Strawman. You sicken me. Your face is so stupid, and just like, way out past your head right now. In my face. MY face. You’re attacking me right now, with your creative indolence. And your face. It’s just begging to be punched; I can’t explain it.

At least the very first guy that ever came up with the idea of a dragon, twenty thousand years ago, had the miniscule amount of imagination in his tiny walnut brain to see a lizard in the dirt and imagine bat wings on it. Ooo! Amazing! What a fucking genius that guy was, Strawman. Then these tired old fucks have a whole god damned Aerie of the fucking things in DS2, with so many they cloud the sky. I GET IT. Thank you. I’ve seen them. We’ve all seen them. Shut up about the worthless fucking garbage sky lizards. Shove them up your ass. Which no doubt is quivering in anticipation of more dragons, since it’s been shitting them out all day. Can’t let the reservoir run dry, after all. A deep cavern, a vacant well of ass juice and gold where the ancient creatures can curl themselves to sleep in the knowledge that they will always have a home, because you can’t wipe them free of your snaking colon.

Oh, what’s that? Yes, yes. Greed metaphor. Fuck off. No one even does that anymore. They’re just video game bosses now. Dragons and big red demon men. Next idea please, you fucking twats. Your lives revolve around imagination! Strawmen. Are you not ashamed of yourselves, Strawmen? Strawmen. Listen. Kill yourselves. Please. Look at the cover of your latest novel, Dragon Quest 5: The Dragonlinging, one last time. Observe the image of your self-insert: a shirtless dark elf raising his glowing enchanted mastercrafted dwarven longsword to yet another red, scaled draconic god, the hint of an erection protruding from his tight, green leather chaps. Both of them. They both have chaps. And erections. Now raise a gun to your empty skull. And put a bullet in it. Please. Maybe the viscera from your shattered cranium will paint a better picture on the walls than you ever painted in your prose. You animals.

Nice question, retro! Although, maybe I’m not the best person to direct this question to…

Dost thou livestream plague?
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HA. Not with a 0.07 MBPS connection with 5,000ms latency I don’t. One of my eventual patreon stretch goals would be actual internet.


Trigger discipline?

by the by, I think I’m gonna go answer the dozen or so asks that piled up in my ask box. My apologies! Also if you’ve sent asking about commission slots, feel free to ask again. Not that it’s opened up some more but I need to get my inboxes organized for potential clients.

Mmm. Lunch. Launch, I mean. Well… Mmm. Yes.


There it is folks, the lovely ladies of Skullgirls representing our favorite Jojos. Got to do crazy colors and crazy designs.

Sadly that means this crossover has to come too a close…

OR DOES IT?!!!!!!!

I love those. Miss Fortune makes me feel things.

Why was Zone there? Will my question be answered when the video using that intro clip comes out?
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Why wouldn’t she be?