If you remember the first picture, I decided to do a few sketches of the girl on the left. I was originally going to just do one idea, but decided to do more, less detailed ones to get more of her character down. The girl on the right I think I’ll redesign a little before doing more of, since I had spent more time on the left one when I did the original image anyway. Saiyan girls are ripe for waifu-ing. RIPE I say.

I was sitting around thinking of a name for her, and decided to go with the standard nomenclature Toriyama used, and start with a vegetable’s name of some kind. He used to do English names but I think he eventually figured out how terrible vegetables’ names are. Goku’s mother’s name is “Gine,” for example, which is loosely based on ‘negi,’ the japanese word for spring onions. So I don’t think he gives too much of a shit anymore.

Anyway, I went with “Imoya,” which is a kind of stupid play on the Japanese word for any kind of tuber / potato (-imo). Their word for what we consider a potato, Jagaimo, sounds like jibberish to me, almost as though they have a mouth full of potatoes when they say it. So I slapped what that sounds like to me on the end of “imo” and called it a name. Also it looks kind of latin, and I like to imagine her with a hot accent. My wisdom is deep and vast. Fuck yeah latino potato alien lady.

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